Home Visits

Dingwall Medical Group does visit patients at home. However, it is usually quicker and more effective to be seen in a surgery appointment.


Who should have a home visit?


  • A visit is often required for a patient in their last days or weeks of life
  • Where a patient’s illness may cause them to deteriorate when moved
  • For the truly housebound


What time should I phone for a home visit?


Phone before 10am if possible. The reception staff will take details and the doctor or a nurse may phone you back. If it’s more appropriate we may ask you to come to the surgery instead.


Why should I come to the surgery?


We will be able to see you more quickly. We have full access to your notes and a much wider range of tests and investigations and can see and treat you more quickly.  For the time it takes to conduct one home visit, we can see many more patients in the surgery so coming to the surgery allows additional patients to be seen.


I don’t have a car?


The practice does not receive funding to provide transport for patients. A family member, a neighbour or a friend may be able to help you. There is also a community car scheme. Phone Ross-shire Voluntary Action on 01349 862431 or 07443111008 anytime between 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Mon-Fri and arrange your booking.


My child has a fever and I don’t want to take them outside


It’s not dangerous to take a child with a fever outside. It’s more important that a sick child is seen and treated quickly and this we can do most effectively in the surgery. If the reception staff know you have a sick child we will try to ensure you are not kept waiting.

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